Friday, January 7, 2011

Being a Better Person

This year, I plan to be a better wife, mother, and friend. Too often, I let the little things get to me, and 2011 is the year that things will change! In a WEEK, Brian and I are going on our first vacation since our Honeymoon almost 7 years ago! (I won the cruise for 2 for selling a house.) I think this is God's way of getting our attention and reminding us that our marriage is so very important to HIM.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Discoveries...

New discoveries...that's what life is about.

We're only here for such a short time, so lets make the most of it! Today, I will cherish everything that Cannon does, everything I see, and being able to take this precious little one for a long stroll through downtown North Augusta. Thank you, God...

Thank you for giving us some "tests" here recetly. We know that the challenges make us stronger and produce character.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Days....

So much has happened since I last posted....Cannon is now 5 months old and eating rice cereal like a big boy. He gets one tablespoon before bed and then I nurse him until he's almost asleep. Then, Daddy, puts him in his "Baby Carowinds" to bounce until he's tired! So far, this makes him sleep at least 6 hours or more!!! WOO-HOO since I am definitely feeling the lack of sleep. I've been thankfully busy these past few months with work and have two houses closing in JUNE!

He's only nursing five times a day since he gets some cereal at night, and this is a blessing! I feel like all I do when I'm at home is play, nurse, do some work around the house or real estate stuff while Cannon naps, and then the cycle starts again! He's taking two naps a day now--one in the late morning and one mid-afternoon. We got this really cool gazebo and try to get outside at least a few times a day to do some bird watching or if we're really lucky, our tree frog friends will come hang out on the side of the house! I hope Cannon loves frogs like I did as a child! The other evening, we helped a few get closer to some insects that were beside our back door! :) Cannon has no clue at what a crazy mommy he has...:)

Oh, this is too after Church, Cannon smelled like an old lady! I just knew that whoever held him during Sunday School was...let's say, a bit older--haha! When we got home, I said, "Cannon...did a grammy hold you in the nursery today??? (then I said....I meant did a GREAT-GRAMMY hold you today?:) At any rate, as long as they give him love, we don't care what he smells like! Pastor Jody has been doing this series on "The Vow" talking about marriage and it's really convicting me...Hopefully I will be a changed woman after this....One really cool thing he keeps repeating is...."God's word tells us to make the word, love, a verb at all times!" How true is this?!?!?! We are supposed to love, love, love by our actions and in all we say and do. This is my goal!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our First Playdate at Betsy's

Having Fun...

Sallie, Anna, Mary Grace, Hannah and Cannon.....(Anna Kate is pictured inside Jessie's tummy.)

We had so much fun at our first playdate on Friday, April 17th....Cannon was able to meet Hannah for the first time and I think he likes her:) Betsy was so sweet to provide some goodies and it was really refreshing to be with the girls.

Cannon was the only "fella" there! Noah was only a week old, but he'll be at the next one, I'm sure! Price and Owen couldn't come either! Hopefully next time :)

Cannon's First Easter...

Cannon is drooling and has been for many weeks, so needless to say, his Easter outfit is covered up! At any rate, we had a nice Easter Sunday. Brian's mom and brother, Shane and sister in law, Brenda came over for Easter dinner. For the first time, we used my China that was my grandmother's! :)
Cannon brings us so much joy and he's got quite a personality...since I have to use that bulb to suck out the snot so often, we've made it into a game and he laughs when I use it! One of favorite books is the one he can eat....It's made out of cloth and crinkly stuff with pictures of animals on it. He loves taking a bath and I've found that it's easier to put him in the tub with me :) A little baby pee never hurt, if he poops, we'll have to stop co-bathing!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Cannon is 10 weeks! Wow, how time goes by too quickly! Thankfully, the warmer weather is here and we can put away the winter stuff! Sunshine is one of those amazingly wonderful "freebies" in life that God grants us!
This past weekend was fabulous, and we enjoyed it with my parents in North Augusta. Cannon and I enjoyed a walk through downtown North Augusta (where I used to jog back in the day...) He also enjoyed playing with Grammy and Poppa as well as with his cousins, Dylan and Shelby. He went to his cousin, Olivia's, 6th Birthday party as well. I must say he was the most handsome fella there! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cannon at 7 Weeks

Who could not love this little one??? Cannon is the most precious gift and it's so hard for me to get anything done around the house muchless get myself together each day...I have to make such a conscious effort to to the simple things I used to do! The best solution for that is when I have to meet a client since that forces me to get a shower, do hair and my makeup!

Anytime Cannon's awake, I feel like I need to be talking or reading to him and when he finally goes to sleep, I have like an hour to do four hours worth of stuff--work on the computer, make phone calls/appointments, LAUNDRY, cleaning, and be a wife somewhere in between! Brian is so patient and he's very good with Cannon.

Okay, enough venting....Motherhood is one of the best gifts but it just takes us TYPE A personalities a bit longer to adjust!